Chronology Threads ® has obtained CE, GMP, ISO 13485: 2016 and KFDA certifications, among others. They are absorbable Polydioxanone threads for minimally invasive medical-aesthetic treatments. The extensive catalog of Chronology Threads ® includes threads and methods for lifting and remodeling the facial oval and improving body sagging.

The absorbable threads are inserted into the subcutaneous layer of the skin and remain implanted there once the cannula or needle is removed.

By inserting needles with absorbable thread into the deeper layers of the skin, mechanical stimulation of the natural regeneration process, wound healing and tissue contraction is activated.

  • Stress reduction compared to other treatments.
  • No visible scars.
  • Immediate recovery.
  • Short treatment time (approx. 15-40 min.).
  • Minimal pain and inflammation.
  • The result is visible immediately after the intervention.
  • Lifting and tightening of the tissue, improvement of facial oval and facial and body skin sagging.

Front eyebrow | cheeks | Neck | Neckline | Inner area of ​​the arm | hands | Knees | Inner thigh area | buttocks | Abdomen


In this process, the threads are inserted into the deep connective tissue, adhere to the subcutaneous tissue and, when correctly positioned, create tension in the desired direction. This produces a slight stretching of the subcutaneous tissue and skin, which is confirmed a few days after the natural increase in connective tissue (increase in collagen and fibrosis). The threads are absorbed after a certain period of time depending on their type and thickness. After the thread is absorbed, the results will remain visible for a long period

The Results

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