Shining like the Sun

Janus pro Sunlike

Janus is the industry leader in facial skin analysis. Powerful performance and industry-leading accuracy, the new standard in facial skin analysis

1. Completely new design

– Gold Ring
– The metal-feeling gold ring is oval and embellishes the entrance of the filming space.
– With a toned down brown color, it perfectly matches white and gold to create a luxurious atmosphere.
– White Pearl Body
– It is a glossy material with subtle pearls in white, reminiscent of clean skin. The overall shape has a soft curve that makes the edge look more comfortable.
– Hinge lines
– Gold Ring The curved shape gives a soft feeling and the wing-like shape gives a balanced sense of stability.

2. Differentiated light source design seeking perfection
-Direction of light source, location, and angle of the light source is an essential element of photography to obtain big data.
It was built with optimal design after tens of thousands of tests. The filter that determines the type of light source also gives perfect brightness with the exact size and thickness.

3. Self-sterilization for everyone’s safety
– Hygiene is important because it is an equipment used by many customers. Use the industry’s first sterilizing tool to make sure you manage to any harmful bacteria/virus.
Always (UV-A) / Focused Sterilization (UV-C) Safely managed in two modes.

4. Rugged hood to block out the light with easy operation
-It was made of dustproof and waterproof materials after a durability test.
It is a classic design reminiscent of an early-type camera obscura,
and it is soft and easy to operate. After using it, you can fold it lightly with one touch to store it.

5. Sunlike LED Most Like the Sun CRI 95/ TM-30 96
-CRI is a numerical representation of how accurately a light source can represent colors compared to the sun. The CRI of the Sun is 100 and the CRI of the typical LED
we can easily see is only 70 to 80. The SunLike LED is the closest premium LED to the sun to capture accurate color of skin and extract reliable data.

Skin analyzes 12 skin problems including pores, wrinkles + palm wrinkles, elasticity, tuxedo, color immersion (fluorescent/UV), skin tone, red tide, parchment + porphyrin, and moisture.

  • Camera
    Canon EOS 200D II DSLR Camera
  • Pixels
    24.1 Mega Pixel
  • Light
    Sunlike LED & 385 UV LED / 4-STL Filter
  • Dimension
    42(W) x 39(D) x 54(H) / 10.4kg
  • Analysis Sections
    Pore / Wrinkle / Nasolabial Fold / Elasticity / Jawline Angle / Spot(Polarized, UV) / Skin texture / Skin tone / Redness / Sebum + Porphyrin / Moisture 13 Sections
  • OS
    Windows® 8/10/11 (64-bit)
  • Resolution
    Supports all monitor resolutions (16:9 widescreen monitor recommended)
  • Languages
    Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese(Simplified/Traditional), Russian, Vietnamese, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Hungarian, Thai, Indonesian, Arabic, Mongolian, Bulgarian (Total of 18)


A new standard for skin analysis has been added. Even clean skin without skin trouble and wrinkles can look rough due to various factors. It accurately analyzes the skin texture that can be missed by the naked eye and shows the skin condition more realistically. Various analysis items including skin texture are provided. Pore, wrinkles, nasolabial folds, elasticity, jaw angle, pigmentation, UV pigmentation, skin tone, skin texture, redness, sebum, porphyrin,moisture in total 13types

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Images upgraded to four light sources


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