Silicone Products are the first silicone scar treatment and prevention products to use THE LATEST SILICONE TECHNOLOGY, which has been clinically proven to reduce redness and discoloration, itching and pain, as well as soften and flatten scars. It is effective in preventing scars from becoming abnormal and unsightly. Clinically proven to:

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Scar MD
All scars get worse in the sun. Stay out of the sun if you have a scar or cover the scar. As well as using ScarMD® Silicone Products, massage the scar with simple moisturising cream. Use a simple cream with no perfumes or additives.

If you have a history of scarring, use ScarMD® Silicone Products as soon as the wound has healed. Early use of silicone, which is the main ingredients in ScarMD® Silicone Products, has been proved to reduce chance of abnormal scars developing by up to 60%.


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