Melano Out Cream

This cosmetic cream was formulated to attenuate and eliminate coetaneous spots from melanic origin located at epidermal level. It contains a rich combination of active ingredients, including Licorice Root Extract, that helps to calm the skin and reduce any signs of sensibility. Great option to maximize any kind of skin whitening treatment.


Recommended for

  1. Skins with uneven tone
  2. Blemishes and dark spots
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  • Inhibit human tyrosinase activity
  • Anti-oxidant



  • Skin-Lightening
  • Whitening effect

How to Apply

  • Apply to face and neck in the evening
  • Can be combined with WA Arbutin Cream to complement depigmentation treatments
  • WA Arbutin Cream in the morning and Melano Out Cream in the evening
  • As a homecare maintenance cream for the Melano Out System® treatment