XXtralashTM Regenerative Eyelash Serum provides unrivalled result as demonstrated in our controlled clinical study and reported by users around the world

XXtralash™ Regenerative Eyelash Serum is an eyelash serum that improves your lashes by making them appear thicker, fuller, more beautiful with or without mascara.​

XXtralash™ Regenerative Eyelash Serum contains Inter–Cell Messengers, which use the bodies
own natural internal cell messaging system to help improve your lashes.

  • Thickness
  • Curl
  • Length & Luster
  • Targeted and focussed, Inter-Cell Messengers send signals to the stems cells at the bulb of the lashes to encourage growth.
  • Natural oils in the formula switch off your body’s natural lash growth limit.
  • Peptides in the mixture nourish and aid in eyelash thickness, length, luster and curl.
  • Regenerative XXtralash™ Serum is Prostaglandin Free. Prostaglandins have been known to cause side effects
    such as stinging, rings around the eyes, and general irritation.
  • Effects can be seen is just 4 weeks, with initial results seen after 2 weeks.
  • The ingredients in Regenerative XXtralash™ Serum are clinically proven with current and on-going data showing an improvement over time that lasts.

Step 1 – Gently clean your eyelid before application.

Step 2 – Apply Regenerative XXtralash™ Serum twice daily along the baseline of the top and bottom of the eyelash.

Clinical evidence shows a significant increase in eyelash


The study demonstrated an important increase in hair thickness of 35.8% after 3 months of treatment.


Demonstrated an increase in eyelashes curl of 33.2% during the first month and 50.8% after three months.


After three months of regular use, a 10.52% increase in the eyelash length was observed in the study.


After three months of regular use, An 11.43% improvement in the lash luster index was recorded in the study.


Created by SkinGen International, XXtralash™ Regenerative Eyelash Serum was formulated to provide an effective and safe eyelash conditioner that gives amazing results, using clinically effective quantities of our key ingredients, it won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin types. The secret is in the special blend of active ingredients that strengthen, nourish, and stimulate lashes, providing fuller lashes with extra curl, luster, length, and thickness. Now available without a prescription. Utilizing advanced Inter–Cell Messenger technology, this revolutionary serum will allow you to obtain more beautiful, healthier, and more vibrant eyelashes.


The eyelash growth cycle has three phases: - Anagen (i.e., growth phase),
- Catagen (i.e., transition phase)
- Telogen (i.e., resting phase)

The growth cycle of eyelashes is thought to last 5 to 12 months after which they fall out and start growing again. It is important that XXtralash™ Regenerative Eyelash Serum is used continuously as the enhanced lashes will eventually fall out.


Before After Xxtralash
Before After Xxtralash

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