Yllume is the only skin lightening system which, if used over a long period of time, is better for the health of the skin, unlike common lightening system which, if used for more than two weeks, can cause the skin to produce more melanin as a response to the harsh chemical lightening ingredients and inflammation.


One of Yllume's key ingredients is called PhytofIORAL PURE: an all-natural powder extract created from non-generically modified tomatoes. These tomatoes are naturally rich in colourless carotenoids, making them one of nature's most efficacious whitening ingredients.

Yllume is clinically proven to brighten plump and even out skin tone and noticably reduce hyperpigmentation in only 28 days that doesn't just stop at the jaw line, but is achieved from top to toe


  • Skin Supplement


    An Answer to all your skin concerns… Skin lightening, Anti- Aging, Anti- Acne, Internal SPF.

    Yllume uses an exclusive, patented proprietary ingredient called PhytoflORAL® consisting of colourless carotenoids for internal skin lightening and brightening.

    Colourless Carotenoids present in Yllume Ultimate Illuminating Complex naturally increases the body’s own levels of glutathione. Colourless carotenoids are naturally found in the topmost layers of the skin at a level of 38%, those deficient in these carotenoids show signs of hyperpigmentation, sensitivity, acne and dry skin. Yllume is the only complete skin care system to contain these carotenoids and can address these issues via a unique approach, delivering unique lightening actives both topically and internally at a cellular level.

  • Cream


    This revolutionary brightening and nourishing anti-ageing treatment is designed to even out skin tone, restore radiance, and boost hydration while actively promoting the skin’s own reparative and regenerative activity. Yllume avoids all the brightening ingredients that can cause irritation, making it safe for even the most sensitive, damaged or fine skins.

    Equivalent to 4% Hydroquinone without the side effects – suitable for all skin types.

    Yllume Ultimate Illuminating Complex™ Cream uses an exclusive proprietary process in its creation so that high levels of actives are delivered safely to the skin, allowing skin brightening actives to be delivered to deeper layers of the skin cells.

  • Mask

    A multi-action treatment which instantly smoothes, boosts and brightens skin – revealing a radiant and fresh surface. Colourless carotenoids heal, calm, protect, control and slow the activity of tyrosinase – the enzyme that stimulates melanin production – working directly on melanin content within the skin cells, evening out hyper-pigmentation and lifting uneven skin tone.

    Equivalent to 4% prescription strength hydroquinone, without the sensitivity and harsh associated side effects. It utilizes cross polymer papaya extract, with new glow enhancing technology to polish the skin without irritation. Instead, it softens skin and gently lifts away dry surface cells.

    Yllume Ultimate Illuminating Complex™ Mask uses an exclusive proprietary process in its creation so that high levels of actives are delivered safely to the skin, allowing skin brightening actives to be delivered to deeper layers of the skin cells.

  • Tonic Mist



    The highly charged waters in this refreshing mist hydrate and rebalance even the dullest of complexions. The mist creates a special mineral and marine ion-rich environment that instantly shifts the skin’s energy levels, uplifting and reviving the look of lethargic skin. In addition to being an excellent daily skin brightener, it also works well after exposure to sun, wind or other dehydrating conditions. Yllume Ultimate Illuminating Complex™ Tonic Mist is also highly recommended for men after shaving.

  • Cleanser


    The Ultimate Illuminating Complex Cleanser has been designed specifically for skin suffering with Hyperpigmentation and dark patches. This cleanser helps lighten and brighten dark patches as well as thoroughly cleansing the skin and gently removing any make-up and debris.