Shining Like The Sun

Shining Like The Sun

Completely New Design

Images upgraded to four light sources

Sunlike LED Most Like the Sun CRI 95/ TM-30 96

  • CRI is a numerical representation of
    how accurately a light source can represent
    colors compared to the sun.
  • The CRI of the Sun is 100 and
    the CRI of the typical LED
    we can easily see is only 70 to 80.
  • The SunLike LED is the closest premium LED
    to the sun to capture accurate color of skin
    and extract reliable data.

Differentiated light source design seeking perfection Patent registration (No. 10-2429443)

Direction of light source, location, and angle of the light source
is an essential element of photography to obtain big data.
It was built with optimal design after tens of thousands of tests.
The filter that determines the type of light source
also gives perfect brightness with the exact size and thickness.

UV light source 385nm without worrying, even if it touches your skin

UV light sources should be used to photograph pigmentation, sebum, and porphyrin, and the closer the wavelength of light is to 400 nm, the more luminous the porphyrin is. However, exposure to UV light for a long time can be harmful to the skin. The UV light source at 385 nm is close to visible light and relatively harmless to the human body. Also, you can hardly feel the heat from ordinary UV light sources.

Improved original photo size to 4000 x 6000 px

The size of the original picture determines the quality of the analysis.
It analyzes 24.1 million pixels in high-definition image
and can be observed by zooming to 200% (8000 x 12000px).
Check out the skin that is closer to reality on the screen.

New standard for skin analyze Skin texture

Patent registration (No. 10-2251700)

A new standard for skin analysis has been added.

Even clean skin without skin trouble and wrinkles
can look rough due to various factors.
It accurately analyzes the skin texture
that can be missed by the naked eye
and shows the skin condition more realistically.

Various analysis items including skin texture are provided.
Pore, wrinkles, nasolabial folds, elasticity, jaw angle,
pigmentation, UV pigmentation, skin tone, skin texture, redness,
sebum, porphyrin,moisture in total 13types

Brightness retention device that adds expertise to shooting

Patent registration (No. 10-2462061)

Due to environmental factors, the brightness can vary every time. The same brightness is always required to derive accurate image data.
We developed a brightness maintenance device by applying Gray Card, a photography technique that has been used by experts for a long time.

Rugged hood to block out the light with easy operation

It was made of dustproof and waterproof materials
after a durability test. It is a classic design reminiscent of
an early-type camera obscura, and it is soft and easy to operate. After using it, you can fold it lightly with one touch to store it.

Starting to utilize space efficiently by using tablet hangers

If it’s a small space to install a desktop, add a tablet holder. Use 100% of your space with your tablet PC and your hangout. The cradle can be operated in a vertical direction to secure it to the front of the equipment or to place it on top.

You can easily disconnect your tablet PC and charge it by connecting it to the equipment with a cable. Charging cables are provided in magnetic form.

From analysis result confirmation to shopping Skin care starting with Beauty Platform

The Beauty Place app lets you check the analysis results
and go to the purchase link of the store you visited. You can check all the data as a result of the skin analysis equipment, and you can compare it because all the records of the rounds remain. Through the app, you can get interested in the skin
through detailed analysis, and additional functions
such as skin care tips and skin matches also attract interest in the skin.

Maintain complete security without leakage of sensitive information.

Patent registration (No. 10-2091388)

There are more and more places where personal sensitive information
is required, and people’s anxiety is growing. While JANUS requires some sensitive information for custom skin analysis, it maintains complete security against ransomware and viruses with its own security maintenance and encryption technology (patent registration completed).




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